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The tables below show you how to choose a workshop based on the topics you are interested in or you can see which workshops cover which topics (or curricula).

Workshops by topic

Energy, Forces & Moments: The Science of Balance, Parabolic Solar heater, Hot air balloon, Geodesic Domes

Waves & Light: Radio, Parabolic Solar heater, Lighthouse & Fresnel lens

Reflection & Refraction: Parabolic Solar heater, Lighthouse & Fresnel lens

Astronomy, Sun & Stars, time:Castaway Science, A Scientists view of the Universe

Structure & Symmetry: C60 Buckminsterfullerene, Geodesic Domes, Hot air Balloon, Platonic Solids

Elements, allotropes, atoms, and molecules: C60 Buckminsterfullerene, A Scientists view of the Universe

Science in action: Parabolic Solar heater, Lighthouses & The Fresnel lens, Electricity & the Pelton Wheel, The Science of Balance

Science & Maths: Geodesic Domes, Hot air Balloon, Platonic Solids, The Science of Balance

Pressure & Buoyancy: The Earth’s Atmosphere

Electricity & Generation: Electricity & the Pelton Wheel

The scientific method: C60, Buckminsterfullerene, Rough Science, A Scientist view of the Universe

Topics in each workshop

Buckminsterfullerene, C60: Atoms, Elements, Molecules, Bonding & Structure, Nanotechnology, Allotropes, History of science, Nobel Prize, The scientific method,

Platonic Solids: Symmetry & Structure, Mathematical laws, History of science

Hot air balloon: Buoyancy, structures, Science in action

Electricity & the Pelton Wheel: Electricity & magnetism, Energy, Forces, Faradays laws, Science in action, Electrical generator

Radio: Electricity, Waves, Light, Electromagnetic Radiation, Communication, Science in action

Parabolic Solar Furnace: Energy & Forces, Reflection & Refraction, science in action, Electromagnetic Radiation, alternative energy, sustainable energy, History of Science

Castaway Science: Astronomy, Time, Science in action, The seasons, Sun & stars, The Solar System, orbits

A Scientists view of the Universe: Astronomy, origin of the elements, The Solar System, Orbits, Red Shift & Big Bang

The Earth’s Atmosphere: Forces, Air pressure, weather, Refraction, Electromagnetic Radiation

Geodesic Domes: Structures & Symmetry, Alternative design, Science in action

The Science of Balance: Forces, Energy & Moments, Science in action

Lighthouse & Fresnel lens: Light, waves, Science in action, Electromagnetic Radiation

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