Custom designed Science Demonstration Equipment

I can design, test and build apparatus for you 

I spent 10 years at Sussex University in Sir Harry Kroto's Nobel Prize winning team designing and building laboratory apparatus and I have also worked in the National Physical Laboratory and British Gas labs. I make equipment for Universities, school, colleges, Science Museums and other science outreach institutions. Here are some examples. Please contact me if you would like equipment built for you.


BLAST! Windmills

I designed and built a set of six versatile wind turbines for BLAST! the Open University science outreach project. We went around the UK as part of the BBC Open University COAST TV roadshow running wind turbine workshops. 

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Matrix Game

Working with Prof Hazel Cox's Sussex University Group in 2023 we designed, builty and tested an interactive game having 512 LEDs to teach Matrix and Tensor maths. The device also has a demo mode to use it in talks and workshops.

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for a video click here

Quantum Leap Game

Built in 2019 for Prof Hazel Cox's Quantum Chemistry group at Sussex University. This interactive game for up to eight people helps to show some of the fundamental ideas behind Quantum mechanics.

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Large search coil

Build in 2016 for the SEPNET project this was a large search coil built to detect magnetic fields. It can show Faraday induction using magnetic paddles and it can also directly detect the Earths Magnetic field.

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Green House Gas demo

I was tasked to design and built an apparatus to show how CO2 absorbs energy in the Infrared to help demonstae the so called Green House effect. This was used in the BBC TV Climate Wars series with Prof. Iain Stewart.

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Stepper Motor demo

I built this demonstration for the Brighton Science Festival to demonstare how a robot stepper motor works. Six people can use the device; if they press (pulse) the switches correctly the ball spins around. They can control the speed and direction.

Rough Science Radio

This short wave crystal set radio was built on set on the First BBC OU Rough Science TV series (2000). It gets its power from the antenna and earth connection. Along with simple pole star measurements we used it to determine our latitude and longitude. 

video here

3D slide viewer

I was asked to build a sturdy viewer for use in pubs and clubs to display 3D photographic slides. The device used wood and 3D printed parts.

Fresnel Lens

This perspex demonstration was built for the 2008 BBC Open University COAST TV series. It was used by Dr Hare to show how the Fresnel Lighthouse lens works.

Super Humans

These are two heart rate monitor count down counters that I designed and built. They were commissioned by CH4 for the Super Humans TV series in 2003. They needed some large LED displays to film and as they were not avaliable commercially I had to make my own for them. 

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Light beam Game

This class room wall demo was made for Whitgift School in 2019. The students have to direct a light beam (visible or infrared) via mirrors and fibre optics. The device uses a phase sensistive detector to exclude noise from day light and class room lights.

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Electromagnetic Spectrum demos

Whitgift School (UK) commisioned me to build a set of hands-on science demonstrations to run down the science block corridor at the School as a permanent exhibition. It shows a wide range of Electromagnetic phenomina including: Radio waves, Infrared, light beam communications, UV and also a Geiger counter measuring the background radiation.   

Electricity Gen
demo set

2023 Science Made Simple in Wales commisioned me to make a range of demonstration equipment for an over seas science center, demos included:  a large magnetic field search coil, 2 x large LED bargraph meters, DC drill hand crank generators.

Newton Science

In 2008 I was commissioned by the SEPnet and the Newton Projects to recreate and build a range of 17C apparatus. Originally, they were used to teach Newtonian Science in the century or so after Newton. They have been used at the BA Festival of Science as well as on open-days at Sussex University etc.

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BuckyBall Sculpture

Working with Jan Meering and students at the Angmering School (UK) we built this fantastic C60 Buckyball sculpture. Angmering School were the first school in the world to make and isolate Fullerenes.

Water Dropper Gen

Commissioned to support a GloveBox YouTube video, this is a Kelvin water dropper high voltage generator. Using just a cup of water we can make 1000's of volts. (see video clip, 5 mins in)

link to video

Exo-planet Demo

Six Exo-planet demos were made for the Physics Dapartment at Sussex University in 2016. Made mostly from 3D printed parts you can select different sizes and types of 'planet' which will orbit the star (LED light). A data logger records the light profile from a distance.  

3 wave tanks

In 2009 I built three wave tanks for the SEPNET projects to show different approaches to harnessing power from ocean waves. We have: duck gen, snake gen and limpet gen.

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video link


Moog Synth Gear

The Brighton Science Festival commissoned me to make up 20 oscillators for the Bri Sci 'Moog Snyth' workshops in 2012.  

more soon

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