Online workshops with BBC TV presenter and scientist
Dr Jonathan Hare

This web site contains details of Jonathan's online science activities for children and adults including mentoring, one-to-one and group workshops.

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Dr Jonathan Hare is a British physicist, science communicator and television presenter. Jonathan was on all BBC TV Rough Science and Hollywood Science series. Since 1990's he has run the Creative Science Centre originating 100's of talks and workshops for all ages locally and around the world.

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last up-dated May 2021


I would like to thank The University of Sussex (UK), Sir Harry Kroto, Gill Watson, Chris Ewels (Vega Science Trust and GEOSET UK), Kate Humble and all the Open University BBC TV Rough Science teams, Richard Robinson (Brighton Science festival), Russel Taylor (Science Island Extreme, USA), Linden Rowland (School Report and Sarah Hogben for all their advice, help and inspiration.