Older children and adults

11 years and above + adults

These workshops can be run one-to-one or with groups and are designed for 11 years and above. They are also suitable for adults and I will adjust the content and style to suit the audience.

Each workshop is about 50 min + Q&A


Radio has provided world-wide communication and even facilitated space exploration, TVs, mobile phones, Wi -Fi , blue tooth, walkie- talkies and count less other applications. We will go through the basics of radio wave transmission and reception with experiments and take you right up to date by sending you a live message through a Geostationary satellite!

Geodesic Hot air balloon

You don't need specialised gas burners or a huge silk balloon to take off up into the air -we will explore the mathematics, physics and engineering required to make your very own solar powered hot air balloon from easily available and cheap parts.

Parabolic Solar heater

We explore the science and mathematics of the parabola that will enable us to design our own solar heater providing us with free energy from the Sun. We will also show clips from the BBC Rough Science TV series where Jonathan built a solar furnace on location in the Caribbean.

Castaway Science

Ship-wrecked or cast -away on a deserted Island, could you use science to find out where on the Earth you were? We will explore the science behind discovering our latitude and longitude.


What is electricity? how can we make it and how can we harness natural forces to power a generator? We explore all these and also the Pelton water wheel Jonathan made in the Colorado series of the BBC Rough Science TV series.

A Scientist view of the Universe

This is a short tour of how we know what we know about our universe - including stars, planets, galaxies, atoms, molecules, waves and light.

The discovery of C60

This is the story of the Nobel prize winning football shaped Buckyball molecule that has led to a revolution in nanotechnology. Note: C60 kits will need to be posted out to you to arrive before the workshop.

The Platonic Solids and Eular's Law

Over 2200 years ago the Greeks wrote about five shapes that had unique mathematical properties - the so-called Platonic solids. This is a workshop on patterns, symmetry and structure. It includes downloading nets to make up before or after the workshop as well as a icosahedral map of the world.

Atmospheric pressure

Learn about the atmosphere above us and how it effects everything within it.

Rough Science 

The BBC filmed six series of Rough Science that have been shown in over 90 countries ! Watch a program and ask Jonathan questions :-)

Geodesic Domes

Exploring Richard Buckminster Fullers Geodesic domes


Jonathan regularly mentors children and adults. He  runs bespoke workshops with them as well as teaching them science.